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Mosquito Coast drug shootout in Honduras kills 17

More than 3,000 people have been killed in Honduras in the first half of 2013.

Nicaragua OKs Chinese-made mega canal

LIMA — The Great Canal is predicted to cost $40 billion, but supporters of the project claim it will rapidly accelerate economic development in Nicaragua, one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, although critics complain of a limited chance for the assembly to debate the bill, and a lack of transparency and public consultation.

In-Depth Series: Nicaragua's crumbling democracy

More than 30 years ago, Daniel Ortega led a group of guerrillas to topple Nicaragua's Somoza dynasty. Now, President Ortega has achieved an imposing one-party rule, and some fear he's dragging the country bag to the dark days of dictatorship. With support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, correspondent Tim Rogers led a seven-month investigation into how the Central American country could be repeating its troubled past.

Locked up in Nicaragua, American Puracal is hopeful for release

GRANADA — A US family that has spent 23 months through the wringer of Nicaragua’s legal system hopes the adventure will end soon, with Jason Puracal’s safe return home to Tacoma, Washington. The former Peace Corps volunteer and beachfront realtor in Nicaragua could be acquitted by an appeals court this week. That would save him from 22 years in prison for drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime. But if appellate judges uphold the original ruling, the bevy of charges will keep the American behind bars in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega sworn in for a third term

Daniel Ortega is set to be sworn in for his third term as Nicaragua's president today, following his dramatic win in November's elections. Ortega garnered 64 percent of the vote, and his party, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, won a congressional majority, which allows them to make changes to the constitution. 

Nicaragua goes back to gold

LA LIBERTAD, Nicaragua — Explosions in this region are no longer the sounds of civil war, but of prospectors searching for gold. 

Another Somoza eyes the presidency in Nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Despite his family’s bad reputation, Alvaro Somoza believes that recent Nicaraguan governments have performed so poorly that his last name would now be an advantage on the campaign trail.

Volcano boarding: the latest in adventure-tourism

LEON, Nicaragua — It's been done in a mankini, on a bike, and a refrigerator door. You might eat dirt... and break a few bones. Is it worth it? Survey says: Hell yes.

How Nicaragua's president got on the ballot

MANAGUA — In Nicaragua, the constitution bars presidents from reelection. So what's President Ortega doing on Sunday's ballot — and why's he likely to win?

Right-wing general poised to win Guatemalan presidency

With the former first lady out of the picture, ex-general Otto Perez holds a commanding lead.
Guatemala election perez 2011 08 22Enlarge
Electoral billboards advertise various political parties in Guatemala City on Aug. 7, 2011. (Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)

Former general Otto Perez looks poised to become Guatemala's next president, but may not win outright in the first round, according to a poll released today by local press.

It was the first poll conducted since his closest rival, former First Lady Sandra Torres, was officially banned from running. 

Torres divorced her husband, President Alvaro Colom, to try to circumvent a provision that prohibits spouses or relatives of the outgoing leader from running for the presidency. But the Constitutional Court struck down her candidacy.

Perez now leads with almost 40 percent of the votes, followed by businessman Manuel Baldizon with 18.5 percent and academic Eduardo Suger with 11.3 percent.

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