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The world without Hugo

Pick a side: Can Venezuela's allies survive without Hugo Chavez?
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If Hugo goes ... ?

It's the question of the week in Latin American politics. If Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — who has been in power for 12 years — can't recover from cancer, what does that mean for Venezuela?

And, since Chavez has used his oil riches to throw money at allies in the region, are Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba in trouble as well if Hugo goes?

Check out these takes from the Guardian, GlobalPost and The American about what a world without Hugo would mean for Cuba and Nicaragua.


How Nicaragua made the most of Hugo Chavez's riches

MANAGUA — Unlike other countries in the region, Nicaragua isn't sweating the news that Chavez has cancer because it avoided the Soviet-style trap of total dependence on a foreign benefactor.

Central America: United they stand, or divided they fall?

MANAGUA — Central America has gone from being a passageway, to a warehouse, to a giant 7-Eleven of illegal services.

What does it mean to be a leftist in Latin America?

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Radical communists mingled pleasantly with progressive social democrats, and members of anti-establishment opposition groups pressed palms with government leaders.
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