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Did North Korea really kill off 20,000 political prisoners? (VIDEO)

SEOUL — As the United Nations investigates, American minister Robert Park alleges that thousands of missing inmates have been murdered.

Report alleges Kim Jong Un's ex-girlfriend, Hyon Song Wol, executed by firing squad over porn charges (VIDEO)

Being the girlfriend of a future dictator is dangerous business, but being the ex-girlfriend might be even more. According to a report on Wednesday, Kim Jong Un's ex-girlfriend was executed by firing squad along with twelve other North Korean performers. GlobalPost has not independently confirmed the reported information.

Welcome to posh Pyongyang

SEOUL — Ask an informed American about North Korea, and you may hear that it’s a land of suffering where hard laborers toil in prison camps and children survive on tree bark. Its crackpot dictator, Kim Jong Un, runs an army of goose-stepping minions, slinging garish war threats at his sworn enemies, the United States, Japan and South Korea. That all may be true, but it’s only part of the picture.

The first Instagram videos out of North Korea

Because North Korea remains shrouded in so much mystery, every little glimpse we get behind the curtain is thrilling. The mundane is illuminating, and the most uneventful scene appears packed with suspense. These Instagram videos, the first out of hermit kingdom, don't disappoint.

North Korea: where playing 'jazz' is a crime

SEOUL — Scion of a privileged political family in the reclusive state, Kim Cheol Woong was a star pianist in North Korea’s state symphony. He grew up memorizing garish children’s songs like “Revolutionary Army Game” — part of the nation’s required piano curriculum. Then he tried something else.

President of Panama tweets pictures of discoveries on North Korean ship

After Panama stopped a North Korean ship en route from Cuba, the captain of the ship tried to kill himself, according to reports from the AFP this morning.

Should Obama rescue the US missionary imprisoned in North Korea?

NAGANO — The Obama administration certainly knows the drill for seeking the freedom of US missionary Kenneth Bae: “Unofficially” encourage a former president to give face to the North Korean ruler in exchange for permission to take the prisoner home. Call me Scrooge, but I see five reasons why Washington — while assiduously checking on the prisoner’s condition and requesting his release — shouldn’t make the ultimate expenditure of diplomatic capital on Bae’s behalf.

North Korea moves two missile launchers to east coast for possible test launch

North Korea is said to have moved two missile launchers to the east coast of the country in a show of force.

Open to negotiations, North Korea says it will never forfeit nuclear weapons

North Korean officials reiterated Saturday that they would never agree to give up their nuclear deterrant.

John Kerry wraps up talks in China over North Korea

During his first trip to China as secretary of state, Kerry met with the country's top leaders in a bid to persuade them to get tough on North Korea.
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