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Northern Ireland attorney general calls for end to Troubles prosecutions

Larkin said further police investigations, inquests and inquiries into any relevant killings that happened before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 should be stopped, which includes all deaths caused by paramilitaries, police and the army.

Fractious 'marching season' turns violent in Belfast

LONDON — The months from April to August are known in Northern Ireland as “marching season,” a period of frequent parades marking anniversaries and other holidays for both pro-British unionists and Irish republicans. Parades have often been a flashpoint for sectarian clashes.

Belfast riots: Police injured in second night of fighting

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) described the unrest as "isolated serious disorder" as rioters threw gas bombs, bricks, bottles and other objects at officers in the same northern area of Woodvale that saw more serious violence on Friday night.

Ahead of the G8, N. Ireland gives its shop fronts a superficial facelift

Northern Ireland spends $3M putting glorified stickers on the front of derelict buildings.
Ahead of G8, N. Ireland gives its rundown shopfronts a superficial facelift

Tensions simmer in Northern Ireland months after flag protests

BELFAST — Last December, a majority coalition of republican and liberal lawmakers on the city council voted to reduce the number of days the Union Jack flies above the Baroque pediment of City Hall from 365 to 18 — the number of holidays on which British law encourages government buildings to fly the national flag. The vote set off more than three months of protests, rioting and armed clashes in Belfast and other Northern Ireland cities, rekindling the kind of violence many had hoped was extinguished, and exposing tensions that are still simmering.

Old prison sparks new outrage

BELFAST — Years after the gates closed for the last time, Maze Prison is back in the headlines. A new plan is underway to convert the former jail where thousands of republican and loyalist paramilitaries served time during the Troubles into a museum and peace center. Like many matters in Northern Ireland, however, no one agrees how — or whether — that should be done.

Belfast after the Troubles

BELFAST — People here say life in Belfast has transformed to a degree nearly unimaginable 15 years ago. But that’s not true for everyone: In the working-class neighborhoods that suffered the worst of the murders, bombings and violence, there’s a widespread perception that the real dividends of peace have paid out only for the advantaged few.

Northern Ireland: Car bomb defused near future G8 summit venue

Police in Northern Ireland defused a car bomb near a future G8 summit site Friday.

Northern Ireland: Loyalist riots continue in Belfast (PHOTOS)

The Northern Ireland city of Belfast saw a fifth straight night of rioting by British loyalists, amid growing unrest over a dispute concerning the British union flag.

Belfast flag protests continue with 1 arrested for attempted murder

Violence erupts after about 1,000 marched peacefully against a city hall decision to only fly the union flag on certain days.
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