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Queen and ex-IRA chief Martin McGuinness in historic handshake

The handshake comes 14 years after three decades of violence between pro- and anti-British forces in Northern Ireland came to a halt with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Northern Ireland leader Ian Paisley returns home after illness

Paisley was admitted to the Ulster Hospital on the outskirts of east Belfast earlier this month, and spent almost two weeks in intensive care.

Northern Ireland protestant leader Ian Paisley hospitalized

There were unconfirmed reports that the 85-year-old former MP for north Antrim had suffered a heart attack.

Brian Shivers, dissident Irish republican, convicted of murdering 2 British soldiers

Brian Shivers was convicted on Friday of the murders of Mark Quinesy and Patrick Azimkar outside a military barracks in Co Antrim in 2009, the first such killings for more than a decade in Northern Ireland. 

Suspected Real IRA arms dealer jailed in Lithuania

Michael Campbell, a suspected member of the Real IRA terrorist group, was convicted after undercover agents filmed him buying weapons and explosives that he said he wanted to use against Brits.

Northern Ireland rocked by riots

DUBLIN — In a coordinated action, scores of masked youths attacked a small, nationalist district of some 3,500 Catholics known as the Short Strand on Monday.

Worst sectarian violence in years erupts in Northern Ireland (VIDEO)

Catholic leaders in the east Belfast area said the violence was unprovoked, but Protestant leaders said the Protestant rioters appeared to be retaliating for smaller attacks by Short Strand youths on Protestant homes

Queen Elizabeth's visit heals Irish rifts

DUBLIN — Queen Elizabeth II made a series of symbolic gestures Tuesday and Wednesday that have laid to rest many of the ghosts of the countries' troubled past.

Northern Ireland confirms its support of power-sharing government

DUBLIN — The genius of the power-sharing arrangement is that each side can claim progress in the historic battle for Northern Ireland’s future.  

Cop's death unites Northern Ireland

BERAGH — The police officer's killing horrified people in both parts of Ireland, who hoped that the violence of the Troubles, which took the lives of over 3,500 people between 1968 and 1998, had been consigned to history.
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