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Norway survivors return to Utoeya island

The relatives of those killed visited the island Friday to mourn and get more information from the police. An officer will show each family member where his or her loved one was shot.

Norway murder suspect returns to crime scene

The trip was made under heavy security, with Behring Breivik shackled on the boat and kept on "a leash" while on the island

Norway killer may have filmed massacre

Police believe the camera may still be on Utoya and are scouring the island for it and other evidence

English singer Morrissey says the massacre Norway is "nothing compared" to what happens to animals killed for fast-food chains, according to reports.


Norway: Where's the anger?

OSLO — How could it have taken an hour to stop this sick rampage? Whose fault is that? Why has no one resigned over this?

Anders Behring Breivik's scary internet world

BERLIN — Breivik's massacre has prompted calls in Europe for much greater scrutiny of extremism on the web.

Norway names victims of attacks by Anders Breivik (VIDEO)

Identification of all 76 victims may be completed by Thursday.

Beck slammed for dead teen Hitler comparision

Glenn Beck slammed by the Norwegian government for on-air comments he made comparing the teenage victims to the Hitler Youth  

Spotlight on Europe's right

While Breivik distanced himself from organized politics, his rhetoric has put Europe’s growing far-right parties in the spotlight.

Norway rallies to remember victims of twin attacks

"Evil can kill a person but never conquer a people," Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told the crowd in Oslo.
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