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Apple says it didn't create iPhone 'backdoor' for NSA

Apple denied claims that it allowed the NSA to create secret "backdoor" surveillance software for the iPhone.

White House releases full NSA data collection report

The White House will release the full report prepared by a five member panel on the newly revealed National Security Agency today, well ahead of the projected January release date.

NSA claims legal grounds for international cellphone tracking

The US National Security cited a sweeping presidential executive order on surveillance as justification for its massive cellphone tracking program, recently revealed from the Snowden leaks.

Obama announces National Security Agency reforms

Barack Obama announced reforms to the controversial US National Security Agency on Thursday, intended to build "confidence" in the agency after the dramatic revelations of Edward Snowden came to light.

NSA tracks cellphones around the world, Snowden documents say

New documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal that the National Security Administration is collecting almost 5 billion international cellphone records a day, feeding a massive location database.

Snowden could be holding on to 'doomsday' data, says spies

Spies are worried that internationally famous leaker Edward Snowden could be sitting on a "doomsday" cache of encrypted, classified material, which could reveal the identities of secret operatives.

What is journalism? Reports on a US spy agency run amok meet the test

Commentary: New, accurate, reliable information the public has a need to know and a right to know.
Obama merkel spying nsa scandalEnlarge
US President Barack Obama (L) stands near Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel the G20 summit. (KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)
LONDON — What is journalism? Who is a journalist? There no longer seems to be any agreed definition of the trade I have followed for half a century. My Second Edition of the digital Oxford Dictionary of English defines a journalist as “a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.” That is clearly out of date.

Brazil's president wants a spying probe, not dinner, in Washington

LIMA — Angered by alleged US spying on Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff Tuesday postponed her state visit to the White House planned for next month. This marks another setback on the international stage for US President Barack Obama.

FISA court: NSA phone tapping program is constitutional

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court released its first public explanation for why it is allowing the US government to collect phone records of Americans.

NSA spied on Brazil's Petrobras oil company and Google: report

It's unclear what, if any, information was obtained by the NSA, or what reason the agency had for spying on the company, though a NSA slide presented in the Globo report claimed there could be "economic," diplomatic and political motivations.
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