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Germany: America lied to us about ‘no spy’ pact

BERLIN — On Facebook, lying is an unfriending offense. Geopolitics may be slightly more complicated. So after the news that the United States is backtracking on a promise not to spy on its ally by the National Security Agency, will Germany just suck it up?

German response to NSA scandal reflects country’s changing role

BERLIN — Officials are swiftly backpedaling on the possibility of offering asylum or safe passage to the American whistleblower Edward Snowden as the potential damage to US relations sinks in. But the real news lies between the lines, and reflects the authorities’ grappling with their country’s emerging role as Europe’s most influential state.

Germany: Privacy protections must go beyond 'no-spying act'

BERLIN — A balding, avuncular figure, Peter Schaar has spent the past decade protecting privacy in Germany and the European Union. But the country's data protection commissioner has recently emerged as the most trenchant critic of the NSA scandal and believes Edward Snowden's revelations have opened a “window of opportunity.”

Germany says it doesn't spy on the US

Germany's foreign intelligence chief denied that Berlin was using its Washington embassy to spy on the US.

US may finally grasp the NSA scandal’s seriousness

BERLIN — A German official has hailed the US Senate's announcement of a 'major review' of America's clandestine surveillance programs as the first sign Washington has grasped the seriousness of the threat to US-German relations posed by the National Security Agency spying scandal. But much of the damage may already be done.
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