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Part 4: Ragtag rebels vow to take South Kordofan

NUBA MOUNTAINS — The rebels in South Kordofan have notched up a string of victories on the ground and claim to control 90 percent of the countryside, although not the towns, in Sudan's South Kordofan state. But in the air the Sudan Armed Forces remains unchallenged and unhindered.

Part 3: Sudan’s rebels uniting to topple Bashir’s Islamic regime

NUBA MOUNTAINS — Deep in the mountains the Sudan Revolutionary Front is being formed to join four of Sudan's rebel forces to fight together against the Khartoum regime of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir. The SPLA-North in the Nuba Mountains is working to join forces rebels in Blue Nile state and with two rebel groups in Darfur: the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Army.

South Kordofan's rebel general explains his battle against Sudan President Omar al-Bashir

NUBA MOUNTAINS — South Kordofan's rebel General Abdulaziz Adam Al-Hilu says his fighters are battling for "regime change, for complete transformation, for writing a new constitution. We want to achieve lasting peace and justice in this country."

Sudan and South Sudan: What were they thinking?

Analysis: How could peace be sustained with both sides claiming the same rich oilfields?
Sudan south sudan war threat 2012 4 25Enlarge
Sudan President Omar al-Bashir addresses troops during his visit to Sudan's main petroleum center of Heglig on April 23, 2012 after the South Sudan withdrew. Bashir said there will be no more talks with South Sudan and called the South Sudanese "insects". (Ashraf Shazly /AFP/Getty Images)
BOSTON, Mass. — What were they thinking? When South Sudan became independent from Sudan last year why didn’t the international community see that the two countries would soon be back at war with each other? Billions were spent on peace in Sudan. Less than a year later, their armies are lobbing bombs across the border.

On Location Video: China's problem in Sudan

As a major investor in Sudanese oil, China has resisted interfering in the domestic affairs of a land embroiled in war. Now that Sudan has split in two and border hostilities have escalated, Beijing faces a quandary. It is forced to do business with both countries. Meanwhile, its workers are coming under attack, and its bombs are being used by the north to kill supporters of the south. Can Beijing possibly remain neutral?

Photos show buildup of Sudan aircraft near South Sudan border

New satellite images show significant increase Sudan's military strike aircraft at bases near the troubled border.
South sudan sudan violenceEnlarge
Burning houses in Bentiu, South Sudan, after a market area was bombed. A Sudanese plane bombed Bentiu, capital of South Sudan's oil-rich Unity border state, on April 14, killing five civilians and wounding six, a local government spokesman said. (Adriane O'Hanesian/AFP/Getty Images)

Sudan and South Sudan remain at each other's throats, and war between the two remains a very real threat.

South Sudan accused Sudan of launching fresh ground and air strikes on Sunday, days after South Sudan withdrew its troops from the disputed Heglig oilfield.

More from GlobalPost: South Sudan accuses Sudan of fresh ground and air strikes

New satellite photos show evidence of wrongdoing by both Sudan and South Sudan along the troubled border between the two countries. The photos are in the Satellite Sentinel Project report: Escalation: Evidence of SAF and SPLA Combat Operations.

Despite South Sudan's withdrawal of its army troops from the Heglig oilfields, Sudan has continued to attack sites in South Sudan, charged the South Sudan government.


Sudan President Omar al-Bashir vows to 'liberate' South Sudan

A UN envoy, Princeton Lyman, was headed to Sudan Wednesday to press for calm between the sides as the UN Security Council discusses imposing sanctions on the countries.
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