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EU says almost all its nuclear plants need repair

BRUSSELS — Anyone living near one of the European Union’s 132 working nuclear reactors may be feeling a little uneasy today, according to the results of "stress tests" carried out after last year's Fukushima accident in Japan.

Davos prepares for gloomy discussions

World Economic Forum publishes report into Global Risks for 2012
Davos 2012Enlarge
Davos, scene of the annual World Economic forum. The view from the mountaintop this year is as bleak as it is down below in the real world (Harold Cunningham/AFP/Getty Images)

It takes a long time for news to get up the mountain, but it seems to have finally reached the alpine area near Davos: things down below where 99 percent of the world lives are getting dangerous. Things are so dangerous that the one percent better pay attention.

The World Economic Forum holds its annual get together at Davos starting January 25th and in advance it has just published Global Risks 2012, a survey of the views of 469 "experts and industry leaders." It is a bleak read. The report is divided into three case studies titled Seeds of Dystopia, How Safe are our Safeguards?, and The Dark Side of Connectivity.

Pull a quote from any page and you will be sent into a dark tunnel of despair:

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