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A speech to live by

Watching the first black American president deliver a historic eulogy for the “great liberator” of South African blacks helped nudge his office another step from the terrible taint of his predecessor’s administration. Not a large one, however.

Chart of the day: Obama's Cairo speech to the Muslim world compared to Israel

A visualization comparing US President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world in 2009 to his speech today in Israel.
What can we learn from this graphic aside from Obama's (or his speech writers'?) love to repeat "people," "world" and "must"? The subject of both speeches touched on similar points: Israel has the right to exist, but so does Palestine as an independent state.

Michelle Obama attends funeral service of Chicago teenager who died in gang shooting (VIDEO)

US First Lady Michelle Obama attended the funeral of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a Chicago teenager and band majorette who was shot dead in a gang-related shooting, only days after she performed at President Obama's January inaguration.

Inauguration day: President Obama starts second term (LIVE VIDEO)

Sworn in Sunday, Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States, will on Monday begin his second term with the usual inaugural festivities, but the tone is markedly different from last year's high of hopes and change.

Political music videos: From Joan Baez to Nicki Minaj

What's a political campaign without some music to go along with it.
In this election season candidates are receiving unsolicited, and likely unwelcome, endorsements from a variety of artists. We picked 8 of the best political songs of the last few years.

John Boehner delays unpopular GOP transportation bill

House Speaker John Boehner delayed action on an unpopular GOP transportation bill, the Associated Press reported. Republicans had hoped to pass the five year, $260 billion bill this week, but Boehner said that action would be delayed until after next week's congressional recess.

Keystone Pipeline: Reactions to Obama's move (PHOTOS)

President Obama's controversial decision to reject the Keystone XL permit sparked outcry.

Obama, at Pentagon, unveils new military strategy (VIDEO)

Obama said the US military faced a "moment of transition" after a decade of war.

OECD report: Euro zone is in recession

Grim news keeps piling on and it's not just those in the euro zone who are suffering.
In this photo illustration a Greek flag is covered with one Euro coins on October 4, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. (Sean Gallup/AFP/Getty Images)
The OECD issued its semi-annual report into the world economy. It is about as unpleasant to read as it must have been to write.

Atambayev wins presidential election in Kyrgyzstan

Atambayev recently served as the prime minister of the former Soviet republic and was Russia’s favored candidate among the field of 16 presidential hopefuls, Voice of America reports.
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