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U.S. Senate swiftly kills Boehner's debt-ceiling bill after House passes it in 218-210 vote (UPDATES)

“It’s hard to imagine the Senate Republicans would actually filibuster the nation into default,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York.

House Republicans move closer to vote on debt ceiling plan

The debt limit plan faced tougher-than-expected resistance from Tea Party supporters, and the delay late Thursday followed heated floor debate and fierce haggling by Republican leaders.

Tea party's Bachmann says there would be calls for impeachment if Obama used 14th amendment (VIDEO)

The 14th amendment option to address the debt ceiling standoff in Congress has been discussed for a while, and as the Aug. 2 deadline looms ever closer, the discussion is growing louder.

U.S. House vote delayed on Republican debt ceiling plan

A large number of pizzas were seen being delivered to the House Republican leadership offices late Thursday as the party’s leadership continued to press for support.

Obamacare challenge reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Obama steps in to address nation as Republicans, Democrats maintain standoff over debt ceiling

U.S. Democrats and Republicans are far apart on the debt-ceiling issue, with both parties on Monday putting forward separate and very different proposals to avert a possible government default next week.

U.S.: Boehner walks away from debt ceiling talks with Obama

Boehner said he would negotiate directly with Senate leaders to try to find a compromise by the Aug. 2 deadline to avert the U.S. government defaulting

U.S. Pentagon is set to formally end the ban on gays serving in the military

With the end of the 18-year ban, gays and lesbians serving in the armed forces will be able to publicly reveal their sexual orientation without fear of dismissal or official rebuke and openly gay men and women will be able to enlist, but now the military will have to look at the question of what benefits same-sex couples will be eligible for.

Federal Reserve prepares for U.S. default

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has warned that a default would have catastrophic effects on the financial markets

Somali is indicted in NYC on terrorism charges after secret detention by U.S. on Navy ship

The U.S. Congress hasn't allowed detainees to be moved from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the U.S. for trial.
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