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Business Insider: First year analyst to the 99 percent: "The finance industry is a scam"

A first year Wall Street analyst is doing his part to help Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy LA: 200 protesters arrested during police raid

LAPD issued an eviction warning for the Occupy LA camp Tuesday night.

Occupy LA protesters defy eviction deadline

Protesters and their supporters flooded into the site and surrounding area Sunday in readiness for the eviction deadline of 12:01 AM Monday.

Occupy Philly passes its deadline to leave

Occupy Philly has occupied Dilworth Plaza for almost two months without any arrests or scuffles with the cops, unlike most Occupy locations across the country. As the deadline approached today about 50 protesters locked arms and sat at the entrance of the plaza and there seemed to be hope Sunday night that they would continue to occupy without any violence.

Occupy LA: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tells protesters to clear out by Monday

LA's City Hall park, home to Occupy protesters for almost two months, will be closed at 12:01 AM Monday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced.

Protesters Occupy Thanksgiving

"Instead of hunkering down with five or six close individuals in your home, people you probably see all of the time anyway, you are celebrating Thanksgiving with many different families — kind of like the original Thanksgiving," Occupy Las Vegas organizer Sebring Frehner told the AP.

Occupy Toronto encampment evicted

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford declared the end of the Occupy Toronto protest after police swept the downtown encampment Wednesday.

UC Davis: Thousands of students protest pepper spray incident

More than 5,000 students, faculty members and protesters gathered in the main quad at University of California, Davis Monday to protest the use of pepper spray by university police against peaceful student protesters last week.

UC Davis Occupy protesters pepper sprayed by police (VIDEO)

Videos surfaced Saturday of seated Occupy protesters at University of California, Davis being pepper sprayed by campus police. Faculty and protesters are calling for the Chancellor's resignation.

OWS Day of Action videos show protests in New York

Protesters all over the United States are planning a day of action to mark the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.
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