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OWS: Occupy protesters mark 2-month anniversary with nationwide day of action (UPDATES)

Protesters marched to the New York Stock Exchange early this morning, clashing with police, which led to about 177 arrests.

Occupy France: Protesters in Paris rebuild camp

One of 50 protesters still camping out, Jean-Baptiste, said the police intervention, and worsening weather conditions, would not deter the protesters.

Occupy Seattle: Police pepper spray pregnant teen and 84-year-old activist

Occupy Seattle protester named “Martin” describing the police officers “spraying with abandon” and that they were “grinning and smiling and cracking jokes” while spraying the crowd. 

Zuccotti Park: Protesters return without tents

Occupy Wall Street protesters are back in a tent-free Zuccotti Park after yesterday's ruling that protesters could return to the park without sleeping bags, tents and tarp.

Oakland deputy mayor resigns as protesters take to the streets

Oakland Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu resigned Monday in the wake of the shut down of the encampment in Frank Ogawa Plaza.
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