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This is how it feels to get robbed at gunpoint in Karachi

Every drop of liquid in your mouth will dry up. Swallowing will become impossible. Each breath will feel like knives sticking in your lungs.
How it feels to be robbed at gunpointEnlarge
(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

KARACHI, Pakistan — In this city by the sea, the odds are good that in the time it takes for a stoplight to turn green, you'll be approached by a man with a gun. He'll tap it on your window, and because enough people have been shot attempting to resist being robbed, you'll hand over whatever you have.


Foxy lady works magic at the Karachi Zoo (VIDEO)

Locals say Karachi's Mumtaz Mahal is half-fox, half-woman. For just $1 you can ask her any question your heart desires.
Taj Mahal Mumtaz Mahal Karachi ZooEnlarge
The real Taj Mahal bears little similarity to the Karachi Zoo attraction based on the structure's namesake. (Strdel/AFP/Getty Images)
KARACHI, Pakistan — The main attraction at the Karachi Zoo isn't really an animal. Sure, the zoo has most of the usual suspects — a lethargic black bear, a smattering of monkeys and glossy, giant Bengal tigers. But the real show stealer is a hybrid creature called Mumtaz Mahal.

Quake relief? Pakistan blocks aid agencies in parts of Baluchistan

KARACHI — The Pakistani government is blocking international aid agencies from working in parts of Baluchistan after the province was devastated two weeks ago by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. While foreign relief workers have repeatedly sought permission from the government to assist at least 100,000 people left homeless by the disaster, the National Disaster Management Authority insists they have the situation under control. International aid group Doctors Without Borders disputes that, however.

Car bomb in Pakistan market kills more than 40

At least 43 people were killed and more than 100 wounded Sunday in a car bombing in a market in Peshawar, Pakistan.

This condom ad in Pakistan is considered racy and it's causing a giant uproar

KARACHI — The advertisement was less than a minute long, but its impact on Pakistani society could last for much longer.

John Kerry in Pakistan to talk drone strikes, Afghanistan, extremism

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Pakistan Wednesday to discuss American drone strikes and the war in neighboring Afghanistan.

Pakistan: 250 freed in Taliban prison attack

Security forces and militants wearing police uniforms battled into the early hours of Tuesday for control of the prison, which had housed around 5,000 inmates including 250 Taliban and other Islamist militants.

Scores of Shia dead in Pakistan suicide blast in Parachinar by new militant group

Suicide bombers in Pakistan killed at least 57 people and wounded nearly 200 in a blast Friday night.

NATO convoy attacked in Pakistan, killing at least six

At least six people are dead in an attack on a NATO supply convoy in Pakistan that was bound for Afghanistan.

Color, nostalgic scenes make Pakistan's trucks rolling works of art (VIDEO)

When the US-led war in Afghanistan started, a lot of truckers were able to make fast money taking supplies up north. That made financing the purchase of a truck easy.
Karachi's trucks, painted in bright jelly-bean hues, add a welcome splash of color to a remarkably bleak city.
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