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Pakistan's Malala can make 'good recovery,' British doctors say

A team of doctors from the UAE accopmanied Malala on a specially equipped air ambulance to Britain.

U.S. drone allegedly kills 5 militants in Pakistan

Five militants are dead after an alleged drone attack in Pakistan.

Bomb in Pakistan kills one and injures 10

Targeted attacks continue across Pakistan.

Dirt road to mega-highway: China invests in Pakistan

China's growing international investment has brought with it a lot of scrutiny, in particular focusing on the investments made in Africa. But there's another, somewhat surprising beneficiary, one that has long been a huge recipient of US aid — Pakistan.

Infant buried alive in Pakistan by her father

A man in Pakistan has been arrested for burying his daughter alive.

Car bombing kills 26 in Pakistan tribal region

A deadly car bomb blast in Pakistan Saturday kills 26.

US Defense Secretary Panetta defends Pakistan drone attacks

Panetta's comments come two days after Al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi was reported to have been killed in a drone strike on a suspected military compound in North Waziristan.

US slaps sanctions on lieutenants of Indian crime boss

Dawood Ibrahim is accused of controlling criminal gangs in India’s commercial hub, Mumbai, and of smuggling narcotics from Afghanistan and Thailand to the US, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

Saudi Arabia says it has ‘no suspicions’ about Bin Laden widows and children

An official source told the state-run Saudi Press Agency there was “no information or evidence of the family’s involvement or participation in any criminal or illegal acts.”

11 tons of explosives seized and 5 militants arrested in Afghanistan: officials

That's one hot potatato -- a major attack in Afghanistan is reportedly stopped in its tracks with the seizing of 11 tons of explosives found hidden under a truckload of potatoes destined for Kabul, officials say. 
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