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Peruvian miners await rescue after mine collapse

Nine miners are trapped in a gold and copper mine in southern Peru. Rescuers are working to evacuate the miners who have been trapped since part of the Cabeza de Negro gold and copper mine collapsed Thursday.

Peru animal mounds as old as Egypt's pyramids

The mounds were found in a region known for the Nazca lines (a series of giant animal outlines drawn on the ground), the ruined city of Chan Chan, and other cultural treasures.

President Ollanta Humala's family causes embarrassment in Peru (VIDEO)

Humala's brother Antauro, who is serving a 19-year prison sentence, has revealed some of his not-so-savory behaviors to the world (all caught on video, of course).
Ollanta Humala embarrassing family PeruEnlarge
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala speaks after signing agreements with Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa before the closing ceremony of the fifth binational ministerial cabinets meeting and presidential round in Chiclayo, 750 km north of Lima, on February 29, 2012. Lucky for Humala, his family did not attend. (CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/Getty Images)

President Ollanta Humala's family has been giving the Peruvian leader more headaches than the mining protests and economy of his South American country. His father's eccentricities have caused Humala embarrassment (he founded an ethnic nationalist group for the Incans), but it's his brothers who are really bringing him down.

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Nude cyclists hit the streets of Lima to demand safety measures

Hundreds of underdressed Peruvian cyclists took to the streets of the country's capital, Lima, to demand better safety measures for bikes on the road.

Peru: Shining Path chief reveals gruesome tales

LIMA – Under interrogation, the recently arrested leader of the Shining Path has been revealing disturbing new details of the wanton violence unleashed by Peru’s deadly rebel group.

Chile rains wash landmines onto the road

Under Pinochet, Chile planted thousands of mines along its Argentine, Bolivian and Peruvian borders.
On Monday, torrential downpours exposed landmines near its border with Peru, the BBC reports.

Peru, Latin America's hidden growth story

LIMA — No Latin American or Caribbean economy grew more than Peru during the decade to 2011, with an average annual GDP increase of around 5.75 percent.

More than 100 injured as 6.3 earthquake hits Peru

The quake knocked out electricity supplies in Ica as well as in nearby Pisco. Ica was severely damaged in August 2007 when a 7.9 magnitude undersea earthquake struck, killing 510 people and displacing 80,000 from their homes.

Peru: Fire in Lima rehab kills 26

The “Christ is Love” center for drug and alcohol addicts is in one of Lima’s poorest areas, and was unlicensed and overcrowded, according to Health Minister Alberto Tejada, the AP reported. He said residents were kept inside “like prisoners.”

REDD: The Amazon's carbon cowboys

IQUITOS, Peru — The dark side of the Amazon's carbon-credit market.
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