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Lori Berenson returns to US on parole

Berenson, 42, was arrested as a young woman in 1995 and convicted of being an accomplice to terrorism, the Associated Press reported. She was given a life sentence by a military court, but US pressure led her to be retried by a civilian one.

Shining Path defeated, leader says

The tireless rebel group has finally given up
Peru shining path defeated 2011 12 07Enlarge
Remains from a mass grave in Peru's region of Ayacucho. A truth and reconciliation report said 123 people were massacred and buried in the town of Putis. Victims' relatives said men, women and children were murdered by the Peruvian Army in December 1984 under false accusations of being sympathetic to the Shining Path. (Hugo Ned/AFP/Getty Images)

Peru's Shining Path rebel group has been defeated, according to an interview with one of its leaders.

Once one of the most powerful groups in Latin America, the Shining Path murdered tens of thousands in its quest to found a communist state.

In all, an estimated 70,000 people were killed in the rebellion and the government's resulting anti-insurgency campaign.

The group was seriously diminished after the capture of Abimael Guzman, its leader. Thousands of fighters surrendered. 


Peru: Proposed gold mine riles locals

LIMA — President Humala’s tightrope act isn't easy: keeping Peru’s economy booming while cracking down on the mining industry’s environmental excesses.

Peru declares state of emergency over Conga mine

Protesters have been angry with a gold and copper mining project, primarily owned by the US-based Newmont Mining Corporation. Local elected officials have led the protests against the project, which is worth 4.8 billion dollars. The officials are reportedly fearful the mine will hurt water supplies affecting thousands of people in the area.

President: Peru's VP Chehade has 'stepped aside' amid corruption allegation

Peru’s Vice President Omar Chehade “stepped aside” over corruption charges, the BBC reported.

Peru: forced sterilization cases reopened

LIMA — In the 1990s, Peru used forced sterilization to eradicate poverty, one of only two countries to deploy the practice since Nazi Germany. 

6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Peru

A 6.9 magnitude quake hit southern Peru Friday

After death, Peru targets soccer hooligans

LIMA — The death of a young man in a soccer stadium has sparked a crackdown on hooligans, and the sporting establishment that allegedly backs them.  

Left vs. indigenous of Latin America

LIMA — First peoples would seem obvious allies of the left's social-justice agenda. Yet across Latin America, these governments are running into indigenous opposition.

Cocaine's becoming king in Peru

LIMA — Peru has risen to the top of the cocaine-production ladder. Now it's got a new plan to combat the powerful drug cartels.
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