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Lessons from Haiti, the tsunami and beyond: To help Philippines typhoon victims, send money, not stuff

BOSTON — After every major disaster, well-meaning but misguided donors actually worsen the suffering.

One man’s Tacloban

“The water moved so fast. It knocked them down and into the street. Abigail was screaming for me to help her, but there was nothing I could do,” he said. Reyes wept, clinging to the two daughters he had in his arms, huddled in the corner of his gutted home.

More than 10,000 feared dead in Philippines

MANILA — Tacloban, a city on the eastern island of Leyte, took the brunt of Haiyan's fury and was practically leveled. Homes and bridges were destroyed and sturdy structures like the Palo Cathedral had their roofs ripped away by record-breaking winds.

Philippines flooding: Death toll climbs to 1,249

More bodies are expected to be found, but Benito Ramos, head of the national disaster rescue agency, said there were no reliable figures on how many people were missing.

Philippines typhoon kills up to 900 people

Hundreds of people have died in a tropical storm that ravaged the Mindanao region in the southern Philippines Friday, and even more are missing. 
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