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Sheriff's deputy in Georgia caught selling marijuana to undercover agent

A Georgia sheriff's deputy will face drug and firearms charges after he was caught selling marijuana to federal agents out of his very own squad car.

Chevy Tahoe Police - Stories from the Road - GM Fleet and Commercial

The City of Hoover strictly uses the Chevrolet Tahoe for their police fleet. Why? Power, performance, fuel economy, legroom—and the list goes on.

Chevy Tahoe Police - Stories from the Road - GM Fleet and Commercial

The Chevrolet Tahoe is as safe as it comes. It sits up high enough that police officers can look into another vehicle without getting out of theirs.

Chevy Tahoe Police - Stories from the Road - GM Fleet and Commercial

You can protect and serve a lot easier when you have confidence in your vehicle. And the Chevrolet Tahoe gives you plenty of it.

Trayvon Martin case: Sanford police chief Bill Lee fired

Lee submitted his resignation over the case back in April, but city commissioners voted not to accept it.

German 'Forest Boy' identified: He's a 20-year-old Dutch man

Robin van Helsum, 20, claimed to live in the woods near Berlin and have no idea who he was.
Forest Boy Robin van Helsum 15 06 2012Enlarge
Germany's mysterious "Forest Boy" has been identified as missing person Robin van Helsum of the Netherlands. (Berlin Police/Handout/Courtesy)
The young man who turned up in Berlin last September, claiming to have lived in the woods with his late father, was recognized by relatives in the Netherlands from a photo released earlier this week.

German police can base ID checks on skin color, court rules

Officers trying to track down illegal immigrants should be allowed to make their choice "according to external appearance" and without concrete grounds for suspicion, according to today's ruling.

Egypt: Soccer riot dead remembered with 3 days of national mourning

Security forces have been accused of failing to stop, or even deliberately provoking the violence.

A member of Russia's federal Investigative Committee has been fired for jumping out of his office window while drunk, Ria Novosti reported.

The committee's chairman, Alexander Bastrykin, personally ordered the dismissal of jumper Alexander Vastrushkin following an internal investigation into the incident.

According to a translation, the agency's website refers simply to "an act prejudicial to the rank of officer of the Investigative Committee" that occurred on Jan. 20.


Harry Burkhart, LA arson suspect, arrested in connection with more than 50 fires

"I feel very good that we've got the right guy," said LA Police Chief Charlie Beck.
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