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Former aide to Joe Biden writes scathing tell-all

Connaughton talks about how the close relationship between Obama and Biden wasn't as warm as it appeared.

GOP Senate candidate likens rape to unmarried pregnancy

GOP Senate candidate Tom Smith said pregnancy resulting from rape was similar to having a baby out of wedlock.

Florida is a must-win for both Obama, Romney

Florida's 29 electoral votes represent more than a tenth of the total needed to win the White House.

Romney to be nominated early to avoid Tropical Storm Isaac

Florida Governor Rick Scott reassured convention-goers concerned about the storm, saying "We've had hurricane's before".

John "Jack" Willke, Akin 'legitimate rape' source, was Romney surrogate

The Romney campaign welcomed the endorsement of Dr. John Willke in 2007 saying it was "proud" to have him in the campaign.

CBO: Budget deficit to top $1.1 trillion in 2012

The CBO predicts the U.S. will fall back into recession if Congress does not agree on spending cuts and tax hikes.

Tropical storm Isaac threatens GOP convention

More than 50,000 people are expected in Tampa for the GOP convention starting Monday.

Video: Mitt Romney's abortion evolution

In 2007, Romney said he would be "delighted" to sign a national bill banning all abortions.

Rep. Todd Akin: 'legitimate rape' rarely causes pregnancy

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin says the female body has ways to "shut that whole thing down" and prevent pregnancy caused by rape.
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