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China to impose restrictions on growing car market

China, struggling to cope with worsening smog problems as roads in Shanghai and Beijing become choked with traffic, plans new restrictions on vehicle sales in some key cities. Such limits are already in place in four major cities, and eight others will be added to the list, according to reports published Thursday by China's state media.

Seabird study finds Pacific plastic trash on the rise

Scientists tested the stomach contents of beached northern fulmars (an abundant, gull-like seabird) in British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington State to come to their conclusions about world pollution levels. The study, conducted between 2009 and 2010 and published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin, found that 92.5% of beached northern fulmars sampled had some amount of plastic in their digestive tracts. One bird had a whopping 454 pieces of plastic in its stomach.

Pollution delayed warming in eastern US in 20th century

Pollution in the eastern United States helped to mitigate climate warming in the region, says a new study.

EPA sets limits on coal plant emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new regulations on Tuesday to curb carbon emissions from new US coal plants.

Beijingers battle pollution

BEIJING — China doesn’t measure the same fine particulate as international standards, so its own pollution assessments are far rosier than what’s actually happening.
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