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Watch Pope Francis break yet another Vatican tradition

Faithful showed up to St. Peter's Basilica expecting to see Pope Francis hear confessions. They were surprised by what happened instead.

Pope Francis marks 1-year anniversary with simple tweet, 'Please pray for me'

Pope Francis isn’t giving up Twitter for Lent. And why should he? His simple tweet on Thursday, to mark his first year leading the Catholic Church, was “favorited” more than 14,000 times and shared 9,200 times in eight hours. “Please pray for me,” the pontiff wrote on Thursday to his 3.7 million followers. He delivered similar words from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica after he was elected pope last year. The Twitter message was the only acknowledgment from Pope Francis, 77, one year into the job.

Everybody loves Pope Francis …

Nearly everyone seems to love Pope Francis, who's rounding off a stellar first year atop the Vatican this month, and some are even hopeful for liberal reform in the Roman Catholic Church. But critics, including the United Nations, say change isn't coming quickly enough.

Pope Francis warns Olympics officials against 'commercializing' athletes

The newly elected Pope Francis had something to say on a topic rather different from his usual norm on Saturday: the commercialization of athletes and sport.

5 reasons you should stay off the Pope Francis bandwagon

This week GlobalPost showed why so many people are digging on Pope Francis. He loves the sick and the poor. He lives a simple life that reflects his values. He has criticized the Catholic church for its alienating obsession with social issues. And he has called out global capitalism for the greed it has produced and the social devastation its has wrought. Sounds good? Not so fast. Here are some reasons we should think twice before hopping on the Pope Francis bandwagon.

Pope Francis slams global economic system for worshipping 'god of money'

Pope Francis attacked the global economic system on Sunday on a day-long trip to one of Italy's poorest regions. Francis put aside his prepared remarks during a meeting with unemployed miners in Sardinia's capital, Cagliari, after they told him of their financial difficulties. He spoke candidly with them for about 20 minutes.

Pope Francis: Catholic church can't 'interfere' in lives of homosexuals

In a candid interview released Thursday, Pope Francis spoke openly about his opinion about the Roman Catholic church's focus on gay marriage, abortion and gay rights. Francis said the church has a right to its opinions but cannot "interfere spiritually" in the lives of homosexuals. The statement follows a similar comment he made in July.

'Hello, it's the Pope calling:' Yes, Pope Francis is phoning the masses

Pope Francis has been impressing the world with his informal, simple style since his election in March. Most recently, the 76-year-old pontiff has taken to calling a handful of strangers, some who have written him and others who have had a personal tragedy.

Video: Pope Francis wins over Rio favela

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Residents of the Varginha slum gathered early to greet Pope Francis on a historic visit by Catholicism's first Latin American pontiff to Rio's famed favela.

Pope Francis to Latin America: Just say no to decriminalization of drugs

Pope Francis spoke out strongly against the possibility of decriminalizing illegal drugs in Latin America during his ongoing visit to Brazil on Wednesday.
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