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Erdogan's Zionism comments anger Israel, US

US Secretary of State John Kerry plans to make clear his disapproval when he meets Erdogan in Ankara later today.

Syria and Britain

War of words on British left over how to deal with Syrian uprising against Assad regime
Syrian dupesEnlarge
A demonstration against the regime of Bashar al Assad over the weekend in Homs, Syria. Are these people dupes of an American plot, as some on the British left claim? (-/AFP/Getty Images)

The Guardian is well-known as a newspaper on the left of the political spectrum. As a sideline, and wholly unrelated to his work for the paper, The Guardian's Middle East editor Brian Whitaker runs the website al-Bab, to "introduce non-Arabs to the Arabs and their culture. Western explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries portrayed the Arab world as a strange, exotic and sometimes terrifying place. Al-Bab seeks to portray the Arab world neither as an object of fear nor as a cultural curiosity - fascinating though it may be."

It is worth checking out al-Bab from time to time but today especially so. Whitaker introduced me to a new term "Zio-American plot." That's what Syria's official news agency calls the uprising against the Assad regime.

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