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Rare Sumatran rhino born in Indonesia

Conservationists hope the latest birth will help their research into how to keep the species from going extinct.

Prince William helps save the rhinos (PHOTOS)

The brutal killing of rhinos is fueled by the soaring demand for their horns in Vietnam.

South African police seize $7 million in assets from suspected rhino poachers

South Africa, which is home to most of the world's 21,000 rhinos, or 80 percent of the world's rhino population, is facing a massive poaching crisis.

Rhino horn 'more expensive than cocaine,' due to Vietnam demand

JOHANNESBURG — Rhino horn is so sought after in Vietnam that it is now more expensive than cocaine, according to a report.

South Africa: 'poacher' steals fiberglass rhino horn

A would-be rhino poacher hacked the horn off a fiberglass rhino sculpture during a robbery at a game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape.
fiberglass rhino horn 2012 04 03Enlarge
Drunk would-be rhino poachers, beware. This one is also an impostor - specifically, it's a beaded wire sculpture of a rhinoceros, created by Zimbabwean artists working on a street corner in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Erin Conway-Smith/GlobalPost)
A thief, possibly drunk, has dehorned a rhino at a game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

South Africa: Kruger park rangers kill suspected rhino poacher

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Rangers at Kruger National Park killed a suspected rhino poacher and injured two others in a gun battle at the park, according to police.

South Africa: Kruger park rangers, guides arrested over rhino poaching (UPDATES)

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK — Four national parks officials have been arrested in connection with the killing of two rhinos at South Africa's Kruger park, a famous safari destination that has been hard-hit by the rhino poaching crisis.

On Location Video: South Africa battles rhino poaching epidemic

South Africa has more than 80 percent of Africa's rhinos. Can it save them?

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