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Zimbabwe elections a 'huge farce': Morgan Tsvangirai

"In our view, that election is null and void," opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said, calling on regional authorities to investigate.

GlobalPost Chatter: Zimbabwe's 'farce,' Egypt tenses, and up in smoke in Montevideo?

All that, plus declassified documents reveal the scariest speech the Queen never gave.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
What we're hearing, right now.

Zimbabwe votes: Tsvangirai challenges Mugabe in critical election (VIDEO)

"Finally Zimbabwe will be able to move on again," presidential challenger Morgan Tsvangirai says.

Chatter: Zimbabwe votes

Zimbabweans go to the polls amid early accusations of fraud, newly convicted Bradley Manning waits to be sentenced, China swelters, and Kenya's endangered rhinos get some back-up — from drones.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
What we're hearing, right now.

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe's motorcade in yet another fatal accident

Mugabe’s motorcade is thought to be one of the longest in Africa, averaging a dozen vehicles.

Mugabe wants Zimbabwe elections in March, but monitoring group says 'impossible'

An audit carried out of Zimbabwe voters' lists last year found that 27 percent of names on the list were of dead voters.

Robert Mugabe makes Jamaica angry by calling Jamaican men potheads and drunks

Jamaicans are upset by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's comments that Jamaican men smoke marijuana freely and "are always drunk."
Zimbabwe mugabe jamaica 2012 9 13Enlarge
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe speaks during a rally marking his 88th birthday in Mutare on February 25, 2012 with a trademark attack on gays and foreigners at a rally of his supporters. (Jekesai Njikizana /AFP/Getty Images)
Mugabe's comments received widespread media coverage in Jamaica, where they were criticized by Jamaican politicians and musicians.

Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe's motorcade in three deadly accidents in two weeks

Police VIP protection spokesman Martin Mbokochena blamed "some unruly elements in society who want to disturb."

Robert Mugabe: 25-years of gay-bashing

Zimbabwe’s president has been ranting against homosexuality since 1987. Here are some of his most vitriolic statements on the subject.
Pretty in pink. Zimbabwe President and leader of ZANU PF Robert Mugabe arrives at the party's 12th National People's Conference in Bulawayo, on December 8, 2011. (JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Robert Mugabe became the president of Zimbabwe in 1987.

Since then, one of Africa's longest-ruling dictators has been on a public crusade against homosexuals.

Here is a closer look at some of the things that have come out of his mouth on the topics of homosexuality and gay rights.

Just last week, speaking in Harare at a Women Empowerment conference of all places, Zimbabwe’s president expressed his latest views on homosexuality, The Zimbabwe Mail reports:

“When a man says he wants to get married to another man, we in Zimbabwe don't accept it. We can't talk of women's rights at all if we go in that direction. It will lead to extinction," Mugabe said. "Mothers were given the talent to bear children. That talent doesn't belong to men."

He also said that gay people are “below dogs,” as he had said many time before.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail article, he also shared his views on women‘s equality in the same venue:

"Our customs look down on women as inferior. Men pay cattle and money to get a wife and expect women to obey them. Women will surely lose. Men say that women are not as knowledgeable as us. The attitude of men still despises women."

Call me old-fashioned, but in a culture where men apparently despise women, wouldn’t homosexuality actually make a lot of sense? I guess not.

In February, Mugabe called British Prime Minister David Cameron “satanic“ and told him "to hell with you" over his calls to respect gay rights, as reported by AFP:


UN rights chief wants Zimbabe sanctions lifted

Western nations imposed sanctions in protest of human rights abuses under Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party.
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