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Do 'rapidly breeding' Rohingya Muslims really threaten Myanmar's Buddhist identity?

BANGKOK — Along Myanmar’s crescent-shaped western coast, Buddhist communities fear their dominance is under siege. As in parts of Europe — such as The Netherlands and France — Myanmar’s riled-up patriots warn of a population time bomb: A demographic explosion of Muslims 'breeding' them into oblivion. There’s a glaring problem, however, with this widely held belief of a menacing Muslim population boom.

Islamists claim new 'jihadis' will avenge Myanmar's Rohingya (UPDATED)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Images circulating on hardline Islamist sites appear to vindicate the darkest warnings from those who despise the Rohingya, a maligned and stateless Muslim group who live along Myanmar’s western shores. The photos show scores of young men, in fatigues and green headbands, training with Kalashnikov-style rifles fitted with jumbo-sized drum magazines. But a Myanmar expert contends the photos are authentic but "years old." 

Bangladeshi government tells NGOs to stop providing services to Muslim Myanmar refugees

The Bangladeshi government has ordered three international NGOs to stop providing services to Rohyinga Muslims fleeing Myanmar, throwing yet more obstacles in the way of the beleagured minority group.
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