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Occupy: Is Bucharest, Romania, Next? (PHOTOS)

BUCHAREST — Fed up with austerity and corruption, Romanians take to the streets to call for fresh elections. 

Romanian PM warns protesters to stop violent protests

Riot police began using tear gas against protesters, who were throwing bricks, smashing windows and setting fire to newspaper stands and trash cans in central Bucharest.

Romanian riots continue for 4th day

 Police responded with tear gas and flares after rioters threw stones and fireballs. One man was briefly set on fire during the clash.

North Korea: Is the end of Kim Jong Il the only hope?

NAGANO, Japan — Why not just come out and say it? All regional players would benefit from Kim Jong Il's removal.

Bucharest's looming dog slaughter

BUCHAREST — Walk down any residential street in Romania’s capital and you are likely to encounter a member of Bucharest’s canine population — if not a whole pack of them.

Could royal honeymoon rumors boost Romanian tourism?

The village, in the dead center of Romania, lacks the fame of other possible royal honeymoon destinations.

Why Romanian arts have gone global

Romania's artistic community has learned to promote itself on the world stage.
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