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Watch these Russian guys try to get a cat out of a claw machine

Laughter, failure, and the post-game interview.

Russia's 'riot' convictions bring about more protests, arrests

Court convicts eight for 'rioting' in Bolotnaya Square on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin's 2012 inauguration.

How Russia can tell you're a hooligan

Think of it a bit like "disturbing the peace." Russia's "hooliganism" law covers a wide range of vague, common-law misdemeanors, like vagrancy and stalking, foul language and, oh, nailing your balls to the ground. 

Russia's foreign ministry express 'regret' attack against Dutch diplomat

A Dutch diplomat was beaten up at his Moscow home on Tuesday by unknown assailants.

Edward Snowden's father says his son is not likely to ever return to the US (VIDEO)

The father of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow on Thursday to see his son.

Russia jails Greenpeace activists protesting Arctic oil drilling

A Russian court has sent another eight Greenpeace activists to prison for protesting oil drilling in the Arctic.

Sochi Olympic city flooding causes emergency (VIDEO)

An emergency has been declared in Sochi, Russia, the host city of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, due to floods and mudslides.

Russian anti-gay parents vs. Elton John

A parents' group in Russia has called on the government to cancel an upcoming performance by English pop star Elton John.
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