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Sanctions and the City

LONDON — When the leaders of what is once again the Group of Seven leading industrial countries suspended Russia from what was recently the G8 on Tuesday, they stopped short of enacting economic sanctions against Moscow. Here's how that's playing out in Europe's financial capital. 

These are the 8 options Obama has for the conflict in Ukraine

No one will start a war over Ukraine on purpose. That’s the good news.

Topless protesters Femen leave 'bugged' Kiev offices after raid (VIDEO)

Topless protesters from the group Femen have left their offices in Kiev after accusing authorities there of wiretapping the building. The decision comes two days after a police raid there found a gun, grenade and pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill, a Russian Orthodox Church leader, with crosshairs drawn over their faces.

Russia: Take that, Ukraine!

What happens when a big country disagrees with its smaller neighbor? It launches a trade war, of course. At least that’s the apparent logic in Russia, where customs officials have imposed exhaustive and potentially crippling inspections on all Ukrainian goods crossing the border.
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