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Russian President Putin to skip G8 Camp David summit

The decision comes days after Washington criticized Russian authorities’ response to anti-government demonstrations in Moscow on Sunday.

Scientists call for Arctic fishing moratorium

Scientists urged Arctic rim nations on Monday to halt industrial fishing in the Arctic Ocean until fish stocks are analyzed.

'Pussy Riot' punk rockers to remain behind bars

Around 100 people, both supporters and Russian Orthodox supporters of the women, gathered outside the court during the custody hearing on Thursday, and at least 20 protesters were detained.

Former KGB chief kills himself in Moscow

In 1991, Leonid Shebarshin became acting head of the entire KGB for two days, replacing coup plotter Vladimir Kruchkov before resigning himself as the new post-Soviet authorities began dismantling the organization.

'Cannibal serial killer' arrested in Russia

Alexander Bychkov was being questioned on suspicion of stealing from a hardware store in the town of Belinksy in Russia’s Penza region when he suddenly told police he had killed several people and hid their bodies near his home.

Ex-Russian banker German Gorbuntsov in critical condition after London shooting

German Gorbuntsov was entering a block of flats close to Canary Wharf in east London when a gunman open fire with a sub-machine gun.

"Pussy Riot" Russian feminists arrested for punk rock show at Cathedral (VIDEO)

Two young mothers suspected of being in the band Pussy Riot were arrested Sunday night after a Putin protest. Activists criticized police today for targeting the women.
Putin banner 2012 02 01Enlarge
Opposition activists hang their banner reading: 'Putin, leave!' atop a bulding's roof, just over the Moskva River river from the Kremlin (foreground) in Moscow, on February 1, 2012 (-/AFP/Getty Images)
“Holy Mother, send Putin packing!”

Putin cries as thousands of Russians protest his victory, seeing election fraud

An independent inspector saw serious problems with the voting process.

Putin and Abramovich: Russian leadership style gets different results

Putin steamrolls opposition, Abramovich steamrolls managers
Roman aEnlarge
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich at a recent Chelsea match. You never see Vladimir Putin looking so miserable. Sport is so much more unpredictable than Russian politics. (BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Chelsea Football club fired its manager, Portugal's Andre Villas-Boas, Sunday . No surprise there. Vladimir Putin was elected Tsar of all the Russias … sorry, President of Russia the same day. No surprise there either.

This coincidence says much about the limits of autocracy in non-autocratic environments.

For Putin the autocrat, Russia is effectively a personal fief with a constitution. When he says he want to return to the presidency from a stint as Prime Minister - no problem. It's his.

For 40-year old Abramovich, the Russian oligarch who took his first steps towards an estimated net worth of $13 plus billion back in the days when Boris Yeltsin sold the state oil company for a fraction of its value, things aren't quite so easy.

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