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7 armed conflicts the world failed to stop, proving we learned little from the Rwanda genocide

It's been 20 years since the start of the Rwandan genocide. For those who lived it, the mass killing was an indescribable horror. For those who watched from afar, it was a source of international shame. The world stood idle as hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children were slaughtered in the course of 100 days.

Rwanda denies US claim it backs DRC's M23 rebels

The dismissal came as BBC News reported four Rwandans told the news organization they were forcibly recruited by their country's army to fight for the M23 rebels.

M23 rebels committing serious rights abuses in Congo, says Human Rights Watch

The US called on Rwanda Tuesday to stop its support for the M23 rebels in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Beatrice Munyenyezi sentenced in New Hampshire court over Rwanda genocide

A New Hampshire woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday for lying about her role in the Rwandan genocide.

Rwandans arrested in UK over 1994 genocide

Three of the accused are former mayors of Rwandan communes, and four had previously won a High Court battle in 2009 to stop extradition after senior judges ruled there was "a real risk" they would not be given a fair trial.

UK stops £21 million aid payment to Rwanda

An aid payment of £16 million was given to Rwanda in September despite its alleged support for the M23 militia in Congo.

Victoire Ingabire, Rwanda opposition leader, jailed for 'genocide denial'

Ingabire, who is Hutu, was arrested in April 2010 shortly after returning home to Rwanda after living in the Netherlands.

Rwanda voted onto UN Security Council, despite fresh allegations of support for DRC rebels

Rwandan President Paul Kagame welcomed the UN Security Council result via his official Twitter account.

Congo demands sanctions on Rwanda, Uganda over rebel support

The M23 movement, led by an indicted war criminal, has forced around 470,000 people to flee their homes since March.

Rwanda military intelligence tortures detainees, Amnesty report says

Human rights groups say opposition politicians, journalists and civil society activists in Rwanda have been subjected to growing crackdowns.
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