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Adam Lanza's shooting spree was an 'act of revenge', family friend claims

Was Adam Lanza's shooting spree at Sandy Hook an "act of revenge"?

Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin calls on Senate to ban assault weapons

Father whose son was killed in the Newtown school shooting calls on Senate to ban assault weapons.

Newtown Facebook tribute pages trouble families, politicians

One of the most troubling Facebook pages suggested Newtown children would not have died had there been more prayer in schools.

New York gun laws first to pass since Newtown massacre (VIDEO)

New York becomes first state to pass new gun laws since Newtown massacre, as Obama gears up to use executive orders to protect Americans against gun violence.

Sandy Hook anniversary: Grieving parents support 'Sandy Hook Promise' (PHOTOS)

On the one month anniversary of the deadly shooting in Newtown, Conn., grieving parents called for dialogue.

CT town votes on naming school after Victoria Soto, slain teacher

The mayor of a Connecticut town is recommending that a new elementary school be named after Victoria Soto, one of the teachers who died protecting her students during the Sandy Hook school shooting in December.

California teachers pension fund moves to divest from assault-weapon makers

"This latest incident which occurred at a school and involved fellow educators and the children we cherish, is a tipping point for CalSTRS and speaks to the correctness of our actions," investment committee chair Harry Keiley said in a statement, according to KXTV.

NRA to attend White House meetings on gun violence

James J. Baker, director of federal relations for the NRA Institute of Legislative Action, will attend to “hear what they have to say.”

Gabrielle Giffords in Newtown to speak with Sandy Hook families (VIDEO)

Giffords was one of 13 people shot and wounded on January 8, 2011 outside a campaign stop in Tucson.
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