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California Gold Rush left toxic mercury legacy, study shows

The toxic pollutants used during California's 19th century gold rush are still lingering in the state's rivers.

Moose are dropping dead all over the US

Moose are dying in large numbers around the United States, but the cause remains a mystery.

Bulgaria has Europe's dirtiest air, report finds

If you've ever driven through Germany's industrial west or been stuck in Parisian traffic, you'd think that either country would be a contender for Europe's most polluted air.

Elephants get us like few other animals do, study says

African elephants understand us like few other animals do.

Thunder storms to become more severe with climate change

Climate change will lead to more severe thunder storms and the damage they cause, according to new research.

300,000 nearby galaxies catalogued by scientists

If you ever doubt that there isn't life out there, just remember how many nearby galaxies there are.

Fears can be reduced during sleep, study shows

Researchers say that reducing fear can be done in your sleep.

Gun deaths increase with gun ownership, study shows

"You could say that if there is a lot of crime in a society people will feel insecure, so they buy guns and there's a vicious cycle."
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