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Climate change on hold due to deep ocean warming: scientists

There has been a recent pause in the slow increase of global temperatures.

Moon will get a telescope and new robot visitors on its south pole in 2016

Two private companies announced this week that they will launch a mission to the Moon's south pole.

Persian leopards born in Russia first in 50 years

Persian leopard cubs were born in a Russian sanctuary recently, the first in 50 years, says the World Wildlife Foundation.

Nasutoceratops dinosaur had horns and a very big nose

Nasutoceratops, the new dinosaur species discovered in Utah, was said to have had a large nose and horns like a bull.

Sun tsunami provides first accurate magnetic fields reading

A solar tsunami led scientists to make the best estimates of sun's magnetic field ever recorded.

Choirs sync heartbeats as well as voices, says new study

Choirs synchronize not only their voice but also their heartbeats, according to a new study.

Astronomers explore the elements of early galaxies and star formation

Using the ESO Very Large Telescope, astronomers have learned new details about early galaxies.
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