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Study: Scientists almost unanimously agree that man is to blame for climate change

A new study says that there's near unanimity about what is causing climate change: people.

North Pole shifting due to climate change, study says

Climate change may be shifting the Earth's geographic poles, a new study shows.

Sun spitting out record-breaking solar flares (VIDEO)

Over the last week it has spit out three of the most powerful solar flares of the year and the fireworks continue unabated.

New questions about the birth of the moon

Water found deep within both the moon and the Earth may have the same origins according to a new study.

Omega-3 fatty acids not helpful for high-risk heart patients, study says

Once touted as beneficial for heart disease, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils have proven to be mostly ineffective for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Active volcano in Paluweh, Indonesia caught by NASA satellite camera

Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite captured the active volcano from a height of 438 miles above sea level.
An ash plume drifts from Paluweh volcano in Indonesia in this image, taken April 29, 2013 from the Landsat Data Continuity Misison's Operational Land Imager instrument. (Robert Simmon, NASA's Earth Observatory, using data from USGS and NASA/Courtesy)
NASA has snapped a spectacular photo of a volcano erupting in Paluweh, Indonesia from space.

European DNA more closely linked than once thought, study finds

Most European share at least one common ancestor as recently as 1,000 years ago, a new study says.

Revolutionary new findings in the origins of languages, study shows

Our various languages are more connected than we once thought, a new study claims.

Size matters in black widow spider sexual cannibalism

The black widow spider is named for its notorious sexual cannibalism in which the female devours the male after their erotic encounter.
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