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Space debris problem is urgent, say scientists

Scientists warned Thursday that space debris is getting out of hand and a spring cleaning may be necessary.

European genetic history mystery uncovered using ancient DNA

Europe's genetic history was unlocked by researchers this week with a new DNA-based study.

Jupiter water mystery solved after years of debate

The mystery as to why Jupiter's atmosphere contains water has been solved.

Americans are breathing better air, says a new report

Americans are breathing easier and better thanks to less polluted air.

Hurricane Sandy created seismic activity on US West Coast

Hurricane Sandy literally shook the entire United States, according to new research.

New planets discovered could harbor life but don't expect us to find out

NASA says that it has discovered three new planets that may be capable of supporting life.

Thirty Meter Telescope, largest optical lens in the world, approved for construction in Hawaii

A new telescope that could explore every corner of the universe got the go-ahead this week at the University of Hawaii.

Great Lakes developing garbage island of plastic like Pacific Ocean

The Great Lakes may be developing a giant garbage patch similar to the one in the Pacific Ocean.

Happiness is found far from home, Twitter-based study finds

Happiness could be found the further we get from home, a new study has suggested.

Gelada baboons lip-smacking mimics human speech (VIDEO)

Gelada baboons' bizarre lip-smacks share a surprising similarity to human speech, according to a new study.
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