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Fear of flying? It will only get worse due to climate change

A new study says that climate change is making flights more turbulent.

Fruit flies benefit from eating organic food

Fruit flies may benefit more from organic food than we do.

Venus giant super storm bedazzles scientists

A huge super cyclone on Venus have astronomers captivated.

SpaceX Dragon capsule to stay at International Space Station longer

The SpaceX Dragon capsule will stay at the International Space Station one more day NASA said Saturday.

Study blames comet, not asteroid for killing dinosaurs

New research says that a comet, not an asteroid, is likely what caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Apollo rocket engines recovered from ocean floor by Amazon's Bezos's Jeff Bezos has succeeded in his plan to recover the rocket engines from the Apollo 11 moon mission.

Earth uses natural lubricant to move tectonic plates

A new layer deep inside our planet that acts as the Earth's natural lubricant may have been discovered.

Male lions: New study shows how they hunt

Male lions are proving to be successful hunters despite beliefs that females do all the work.

Plankton absorption of CO2 greater than previous estimates

Plankton plays a bigger role in trapping CO2 than previous estimates by scientists.
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