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Britain's Supreme Court: Is Scientology a 'real' religion?

A new case in Britain's highest court has judges debating the metaphysical merits of the famously controversial belief system.
The Church of Scientology is officially recognized by the government as a religion in its home country, the United States, and receives the same tax exemptions as other legally accepted faiths. In Britain, Scientologists are still fighting the battle for official religious status. (PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Britain’s highest court is currently considering whether Scientologists should be granted the right to perform official weddings, 40 years after their claim to be a state-recognized religion was rejected.

Scientology member Louisa Hodkin brought the current case to the court when her request to marry her fiancé in the Church of Scientology building in London was refused by a court of appeals, according to The Guardian.


Trigger of volcanic explosions discovered by researchers (VIDEO)

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Church of Scientology opens center in Israel

TEL AVIV — Tel Aviv's Alhambra Theater has been reborn as the Center for Scientology, one of a growing network of 9,000 such meeting places worldwide. The opening cermony was attended by two representatives from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, both of whom were lured under false pretenses, according to a spokesman for Netanyahu.

France labels Scientology a fraud, not a church

PARIS — Scientology is fined for targeting vulnerable people for commercial gain.

Scientology’s global disaster squad

BANGKOK — Many dismiss Scientology's relief brigade as ineffectual, others allege much worse. And still some laud them for getting their hands dirty.
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