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9 creative ways to smuggle contraband across borders

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have figured out how to smuggle their sperm out of prison, using in some cases potato chip bags and candy wrappers. This is true, and it works. At least seven women have conceived children using the sperm. See GlobalPost's story about it today. Smugglers are always working to be one step ahead of the border police. In some cases, they have gotten seriously creative. Here's some of the most impressive attempts.

Mexican marines seize 900 guns

Weapons found on container from Turkish ship
Gun deathsEnlarge
Illegal guns are behind most of the violent deaths in Mexico (Spencer Platt/AFP/Getty Images)
Seizures of large piles of guns have become worryingly common in Mexico. But the Sunday bust in Michoacan state still made a news splash for the sheer size of the arsenal. Mexican marines broke open a ship container and uncovered a whopping total of 900 firearms.
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