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Somalia’s parliament votes to kick out prime minister

The vote was 184 to 65 to eject Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and his 10-member cabinet.

Not Wanted: Somalis in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — The attacks on Somali-owned shops spread like a wildfire through the townships around Port Elizabeth, a city on South Africa's southeastern coast. When it was over, more than 100 small businesses mostly run by Somali nationals had been looted, some destroyed by petrol bombs, and their owners driven from the area by rampaging residents.

Say goodbye to Kenya's 'nursery for terrorists'

NAIROBI — The Westgate Mall terror attack may be fading from global headlines, but the political effects of the deadly assault continue to reverberate across East Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees are set to return home after Kenya and Somalia signed an agreement less than two months since a Somali terrorist group attacked the Nairobi shopping mall killing at least 67 people.

Somali journalist killed by gunmen

Mohamud, who worked as the Mogadishu correspondent for the privately owned UK-based Universal TV, underwent surgery after being shot in the chest, neck and shoulder as he drove to work early on Oct. 22 in the city's Wadajir district.

US Navy SEALs face a fight in Somalia

NAIROBI — In the pre-dawn witching hours of Saturday morning, a team of Navy SEALs swam ashore at Barawe, a seaside town 110 miles south of the Somali capital Mogadishu. Their mission was to snatch an Islamic militant called Ikrima from a two-story villa overlooking the sea. But the mission failed.

Somalia to receive $2.4B in aid from international donors

Mohamud said he would spend the money on four priorities: security, legal reform, public finances and economic recovery.

One-on-one with Somalia's embattled president

MOGADISHU — As President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud marks one year in office, he sat down with GlobalPost at his Mogadishu office to talk about his achievements and challenges.

Somalia: Al Shabab posts Twitter photo of dead French soldier

One of the Twitter postings bragged, "A return of the crusades, but the cross could not save him from the sword,” the AP reported. Another posting read: "Francois Hollande, was it worth it?"

Somalia: Aid slow to return to key port city

KISMAYO, Somalia — Al Shabaab lost control of this port city late last month, its Al Qaeda-aligned fighters either fleeing into the countryside or melting into a wary population of civilians. A coalition of Somali and Kenyan soldiers are, for now, maintaining an armed peace. But basic services — like education, sanitation and health — are in ruins and aid agencies are, so far, mostly unwilling to take a chance on the city’s precarious security. Dr. Omar Saleh is the exception.

Somalia's tenuous peace

Somalia's embattled port of Kismayo could fall back to Al Shabaab militants if UN doesn’t lift charcoal embargo soon.
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