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Somalia: Al Shabaab rebels ambush presidential convoy

Al Shabaab, which affiliated itself with Al Qaeda earlier this year, lost Afgoye to African Union, Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopian forces and has been steadily losing ground in southern and central Somalia.

Yemen bomb: Somalia's rebels congratulate suicide bomber

What are the links between Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula and Somalia's Al Shabaab?
Yemen bomb al qaeda in arab peninsula 2012 5 21Enlarge
A Yemeni soldier is treated at a hospital in Sanaa after he was injured when a soldier packing powerful explosives under his uniform blew himself up in the middle of an army battalion in Sanaa on May 21, 2012, killing 96 troops and wounding around 300, a military official and medics said. The suicide attack was the deadliest in the country's capital since newly-elected President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi pledged to oust Al Qaeda militants from Yemen's mostly lawless and restive southern and eastern provinces. (Mohammed Huwais /AFP/Getty Images)

NAIROBI, Kenya — In the aftermath of a suicide bombing of a military parade earlier today in the Yemen capital Sanaa that killed at least 96 people the official Twitter feed of Somalia's Al Qaeda aligned Al Shabaab insurgents offered its congratulations to Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) and its thanks to God.

"The Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula have just carried out a Martyrdom operation targeting a Military parade in San'a" wrote @HSMPress at 11.27 a.m. on 21 May.

"May Allah Grant victory to our brothers in the Arabian Peninsula in their war against the Kuffar and Murtadin," read a second tweet a minute later.

Clearly AQAP and Al Shabaab have a shared ideology, but what of their other links?


Twin bombings in Mogadishu kill Somali soldiers

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the radical Islamist militia Al Shabaab has launched similar acts of violence in Mogadishu since pulling out of the capital last year in a bid to consolidate its control over other parts of Somalia.

Somaliland military court sentences 17 civilians to death

An attack on Somaliland’s military carries a mandatory death sentence for adults.

EU naval forces raid Somali pirate bases

A helicopter flew low along the beach with machine gun troops firing on targets below. At least five small attack boats were "rendered inoperable" and the strikes also hit diesel and weapons stores.

Pirates hijack oil tanker off Oman coast

No communications have been received from the ship since it was boarded on Thursday.

UK national Jermaine Grant on trial in Kenya over 'bomb plot'

Prosecutors accuse Grant of working with the fugitive widow of a British suicide bomber who struck on the London Underground transport system in July 2005.

Somalia: Journalist Farhan Jeemis Abdulle killed in Galkayo

Abdulle is the fifth journalist to be killed in Somalia this year.

Ethiopia troops seize key Somalia rebel town of El Bur

Al Shabaab still controls much of southern and central Somalia, but is under increasing pressure from Kenyan forces in the south and Ethiopian forces in the West.

Somalia: Ex-President Abdullahi Yusuf dies in exile

Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was viewed as an obstacle to peace over his refusal to negotiate with Islamist groups and tendency to carve up positions of power along clan lines.
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