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Maybe Kim Jong Un’s uncle wasn't ousted after all

SEOUL — The news that Kim Jong Un purged his uncle and de facto number two leader of North Korea, Jang Sung-taek, has all the trappings you’d expect from a mysterious and ruthless dictatorship. But a global line-up of North Korea experts quickly advised caution, largely due to the source: South Korea's intelligence agency. Here are some of that not-exactly-reliable service's recent gaffes.  

Radiation fears see South Korea ban fish imports caught near Fukushima

Worries over radioactive seafood have resulted in a South Korean ban on fish originating from the region near Fukushima, Japan.

Cockpit Confucian: Why the racial mudslinging in the Asiana tragedy?

SEOUL — On Monday, Asiana Airlines announced it will sue a San Francisco television broadcaster for defamation — after a news anchor unknowingly read a distasteful ethnic joke on air, thinking it was a major scoop.

Exporting bottled tap water: Would you sip Seoul's finest?

SEOUL, South Korea — The Seoul municipal government believes its high-quality drinking water is good enough to export.

I do! Bank of Korea opens up for weddings

SEOUL — Starting in May, lucky Korean couples will be able to host their nuptials inside the Bank of Korea in an auditorium hung with the portraits of former central bank governors.

China's bling shoppers choose Asia over Europe

Rich Chinese tourists are now looking to spend their mega bucks closer home, choosing Hong Kong and Singapore over London and New York to get their luxury fix, according to an HSBC report.

Plastic surgery, 'Gangnam-style'

SEOUL — A crowd of young women wait nervously in the lobby of a popular plastic surgery clinic in Apgujeong, the affluent neighborhood at the heart of Gangnam. Photographs of Korean pop singers and actresses line the walls, winsome customers who smile next to their cosmetic surgeons. “It’s painful, but I really want a face like those Korean actress girls,” says a Chinese patient leaving a check-up — with her nose wrapped in a surgical bandage.

Gangnam-style brothel raided by Korean police

A nine-story brothel in the now famous upscale Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea was raided by police.

South Korea expands ballistic missile system range, after US nod

South Korea has announced plans to expand the range of its ballistic missiles after a new agreement with the United States.

Apple seeks more damages, Samsung wants new trial in US patent battle

Apple Inc. is demanding Samsung Electronics Co. pay up an additional $707 million in damages and interest for copying patented iPhone and iPad technologies.
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