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3 habitable planets found orbiting Gliese 667C

"This is the first time that three such planets have been spotted orbiting in this zone in the same system," astronomer Paul Butler, with the Carnegie Institution in Washington, DC, said.

New details emerge about crash that killed Yuri Gagarin, first man in space

Famous Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagain was the first man in space — but the interstellar pioneer died mysteriously in 1968, after the MiG-15 he was flying went down not far from Moscow.

NASA announces new astronaut candidates (VIDEO)

"These new space explorers asked to join NASA because they know we’re doing big, bold things here – developing missions to go farther into space than ever before," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said.

Nasa finds dangerous levels of radiation on Mars (VIDEO)

Astronauts may have to face serious health risks from elevated radiation levels if they travel to Mars, recent Nasa research revealed — meaning that improved technology to shield space travelers from danger would have to be developed before missions could begin.

15 ways Chris Hadfield is awesome

Chris Hadfield has captivated the world since he arrived at the International Space Station in December. Let us count the ways.
Chris Hadfield has captivated the world since he arrived at the International Space Station in December. Let us count the ways.

Ground control to Major Tom: International Space Station astronaut does Bowie (VIDEO)

Social media-loving astronaut Chris Hadfield released a new treat for the Internet Sunday: a video of him performing David Bowie's beloved "Space Oddity" all the way from the International Space Station.

Emergency space walk hopes to fix International Space Station leak (LIVE VIDEO)

NASA has scheduled an emergency space walk to find and fix the source of an ammonia leak at the International Space Station, a quickly-planned interstellar rescue mission that is being broadcast live right now.

Online auction to sell EKG of Neil Armstrong's heartbeat (VIDEO)

A New Hampshire auction house will soon be offering a decidedly odd artifact to the bidding public: an electrocardiogram (EKG) of recently deceased astronaut Neil Armstrong's heartbeat, right before he landed on the moon in 1969.

Russia charges NASA astronauts $8M more per seat on Soyuz spacecraft

Seats will now cost $70.7 million apiece, or $8 million more than the previous going rate.

NASA releases video of massive hurricane on Saturn (VIDEO)

"We did a double take when we saw this vortex because it looks so much like a hurricane on Earth," Andrew Ingersoll, a Cassini imaging team member at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said.
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