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Spain has a spring in its step as jobs grow

Positive unemployment data and bank earnings from Spain bode well for next week's growth data, but analysts warned that more needed to be done to cement economic recovery in the country. Analysts welcomed an unexpected fall in Spain's unemployment rate, which slipped for the first time in two years in the second quarter, according to data from the country's National Statistics Institute released on Thursday.

Huevos de austeridad

Amid economic crisis, young Spaniards are donating sperm and eggs, just to make rent and back mortgage payments. The country supplies about three out of four donated eggs in Europe. Many cry foul, calling this a trade in human parts. For women, the practice is painful and potentially risky. 

Spain: Job seekers make the ultimate sacrifice

With employment opportunities virtually non-existent, young Spaniards are cleaning up to impress prospective bosses
Spanish tattoosEnlarge
When it comes time to seriously look for a job the tattooed members of Spain's "indignados" movement will probably do what so many others are doing: get their tats lasered off. (PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images)

When I left college and first got into the job market I shaved my beard and got a haircut. It was simple and relatively cheap. Today's youth have a more difficult time of it. They have added tattoos to the mix and getting rid of them is painful and pricey.

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