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UN report concludes that it 'failed to protect Sri Lankans' in civil war

A UN internal probe has found that organization failed to protect Sri Lankans near the end of their civil war.

Cyclone Nilam hits southeast India, killing at least 2

Cyclone Nilam has reached the southeast coast of India, killing at least two people.

Sri Lanka claims huge explosives discovery

Security forces regularly unearth ammunition and weapons in the north of Sri Lanka, where the last battles of a quarter-century-long civil war were fought between the government and the separatist Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka orders controversial Dambulla mosque to relocate

A statement released Sunday by Prime Minister DM Jayaratne ordered the relocation of the mosque to a “suitable place in the neighborhood," the day before various parties to the dispute were set to meet.

UNHRC: Sri Lanka should punish war crimes

The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution on Thursday urging the Sri Lankan government to investigate alleged war crimes committed during the civil war fought against the Tamil Tiger separatists in 2009.

Buddhist monk arrested for watching porn

In Sri Lanka, a monk has been caught watching “blue films” while on temple premises. Monks have been getting into all sorts of mischief lately.
Sri lanka monksEnlarge
Sri Lankan Buddhist monks offer special prayers to bless the national cricket team at the Kelaniya Temple in Kelaniya on April 1, 2011. (Ishara S. KODIKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Buddhist monks are not supposed to do anything that would encourage passion, craving or attachment.

Watching pornography isn’t prohibited, technically speaking, as long as one manages to not get aroused. Similarly, during the World Cup, monks were allowed to watch soccer, as long as they didn’t get too excited and rowdy.

You might think that watching pornography without getting aroused would defeat the purpose.

And you would have a good point, which is why pornography is generally discouraged in Buddhist monasteries.

That’s not to say monks don’t try to smuggle it in on a regular basis.

Just this week, a monk from the Dippitigoda Dalugoda temple in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, was reportedly arrested for watching “blue films” on temple premises.

According to the Sunday Leader, the Chief Monk of the temple lodged a complaint with the Peliyagoda police, who arrested the monk in question.

The offending monk was fined and released. And his computer was confiscated.

But cases of monks behaving badly aren’t all that unusual.


Sri Lanka jail riot leaves inmates and guards injured

Prisoners set fire to the records room and gunshots were heard from within the compound, the AP reported. Police fired tear gas before regaining order at the prison.

Sri Lanka: new test of India's global influence

NEW DELHI — Sri Lanka's efforts to cover up the final months of its 25-year-long war against Tamil separatists hit a snag this week, as humanitarian organizations blasted an internal probe into possible war crimes.

Britain presses Sri Lanka over war-crimes allegations after watching "horrific" video (VIDEO)

The "horrific" video, aired on British TV, contained footage of what it said were prisoner executions and the bodies of female Tamil fighters who appeared to have been sexually assaulted.

Opinion: UN should do more on Sri Lanka

LOS ANGELES — The United States and other Security Council members should call for an impartial, international investigation into the atrocities committed in Sri Lanka.
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