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Apple says it didn't create iPhone 'backdoor' for NSA

Apple denied claims that it allowed the NSA to create secret "backdoor" surveillance software for the iPhone.

White House releases full NSA data collection report

The White House will release the full report prepared by a five member panel on the newly revealed National Security Agency today, well ahead of the projected January release date.

A convenient threat?

If 'Al Qaeda has regrouped and is a global threat again, that … will drown out debate about the NSA right now,' Tufts University’s William Martel tells GlobalPost. 'It will overwhelm all other concerns. It is such a powerful tendency and instinct in the American public to focus on the threat, and sort the rest out later.'

8 foreign countries battling NSA backlash

Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the NSA's surveillance program, the ripples that started in America have spread to countries around the world. Citizens and governments worldwide have acted out against not only America, but also espionage or surveillance in their own countries.

'Yes we scan': Obama defends NSA surveillance programs in Europe

US President Barack Obama defended his government's widely criticized NSA surveillance programs in Berlin on Wednesday, as he spoke with German Chanchellor Angela Merkel.

Edward Snowden NSA Whistleblower Makes Mindblowing Claims About What Kind of Power He Had

After a week of bombshell revelations regarding US spy agency the NSA, the newspaper The Guardian has revealed its source. The man claiming to have leaked all of the information is Edward Snowden, a 29-year old employee of Booz Allen, which does contracting for the government in many capacities.
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