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Hacker creates worst leak ever in Sweden

More than 90,0000 passwords private email accounts in Sweden, including those of politicians, celebrities and editors, have been leaked by an anonymous hacker.

Ethiopia: Swedish journalists are 'messenger boys of a terrorist organization'

Two Swedish journalists face trial on Thursday in Ethiopia on terrorism charges after being arrested for being involved with a firefight between the country’s rebel and government troops.

23 Swedish women convicted of child pornography

A man has also been charged in the case, which according to investigators, is particularly unique because of the number of female perpetrators.

Tomas Transtromer wins Nobel literature prize

The Swedish Academy gave the award to the 80-year-old poet "because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality."

Sweden bravely endures national butter shortage

Rising popularity of "back to basics" cooking blamed for empty supermarket shelves.
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For the past month, Swedish supermarkets have struggled to stock enough butter to meet customer demand, the Guardian reports. This past week, the butter supply decreased to unusual lows, the Swedish Dairy Association said.

The reason? Supply and demand are out of whack.


Swedish daycare monitors toddlers with GPS vests

The Swedish children wear vests fitted with tracking devices that daycare staff can track on a screen.
Sweden gps vests 09 26 2011Enlarge
Swedish children from a kindergarden wear their obligatory traffic safety vests while playing in a Stockholm park. (SVEN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Daycares in Sweden have started fitting children with GPS and other locating devices to keep track of kids during excursions.

The Swedish children wear vests fitted with tracking devices that daycare staff can track on a screen, the Associated Press reports.

GPS devices are increasingly being used to keep track of children, although it is still unusual for them to be used in a daycare setting.

"Certainly, GPS is already being used on kids — many of them delinquent," the Toronto Globe and Mail reports. "In Florida earlier this year, GPS was being piloted as a way to keep track of, and presumably motivate kids who habitually play hooky."

But there are growing concerns about the ethical implications of monitoring children. 


Drunk moose gets stuck up apple tree in Sweden (VIDEO)

A drunken moose was found tangled in an apple tree near Gothenburg after apparently binge eating the fermented fruit.
Drunk moose 09 08 2011Enlarge
A moose stands at a zoo in western Germany on August 23, 2011. The animal, also known as Eurasian elk, lives in the wild in boreal and mixed deciduous forests of the northern hemisphere. An apparently intoxicated moose has been found tangled in an apple tree in Sweden. (PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

A drunken moose became entangled in an apple tree near Gothenburg, Sweden, and had to be rescued by police.

The intoxicated animal had reportedly been "sneaking around" the Gothenburg suburb of Saro for several days, before getting smashed on fermenting apples in the garden of a resident who was away on vacation, the Associated Press reports.

Per Johansson, 45, told the AP he heard roaring noises from his neighbor's yard, and when he went to investigate, found a female moose tangled in an apple tree, apparently caught in the midst of a binge.

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The moose was freed with the help of Swedish police and rescue services, who sawed off branches to help the animal descend from the tree.

The moose, still appearing confused, reportedly wandered into Johansson's yard, where she spent the night sleeping off her hangover. The moose took off into the woods the next day.


Saab's sob story

STOCKHOLM — Saab’s sad story is a black spot in Sweden’s otherwise robust recovery.

Europe's debt solution?

STOCKHOLM — When France raised the retirement age from 60 to 62, three million people protested. Not so in Sweden.

Swede who created home reactor arrested

A Swedish man has been arrested after trying to set up a nuclear reactor and split atoms in his home

A Swedish man has been arrested after trying to set up a nuclear reactor and split atoms in his home.

Richard Handl said that he had the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment in southern Sweden for nuclear experiments.

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