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Swiss roll up the welcome mat

BRUSSELS — The European Union is confronted with unrest in Ukraine, tension with Russia and instability along its southern flank. Surely at least one of the neighbors could be trusted not to go rogue. But since Sunday, even staid, sensible Switzerland has become a thorn in the EU's side.

Sweden and Switzerland launch joint campaign to help Chinese tourists tell them apart

Sweden and Switzerland have launched a joint campaign to help Chinese tourists tell the two countries apart.
Sweden Switzerland campaign Chinese touristsEnlarge
Sweden's flag flies high. Or is it Switzerland's? The two countries have launched a new joint campaign to help Chinese tourists tell the difference between the European nations. (Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images)
While the mix-up isn't solely a problem for the Chinese, it has become a particular issue for those from the Asian nation because both countries' names are written similarly in Mandarin — Ruidian (Sweden) and Ruishi (Switzerland) — and begin with the same symbol.

Swiss seize one million fake Xanax pills

The shipment, which was being transported in four crates weighing over 400kg (880 pounds), was on its way to Egypt from China.

Swiss region bans face veil in referendum

GENEVA — Swiss voters in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino have backed a controversial plan to ban full face veils.

Neutral but armed to the teeth: Swiss voters back military conscription

Swiss voters rejected on Sunday a bill that would end military conscription.

North Korea angry at Swiss block on ski lift deal

The Swiss government said the equipment it was to provide for the Masik ski resort, including chair lifts and cable cars, was deemed luxury goods, making it subject to UN sanctions.

Swiss hot air balloon crash kills American tourist

The hot air balloon was attempting to land in the Swiss town of Montbovon after a two-hour flight from the town of Chateaux-d'Oex when it hit a high-voltage power line, plummeting 165 feet to the ground.

Swiss train collision kills driver, injures at least 35 (VIDEO)

The driver of one of the trains involved in the accident is dead.

'Pink Panther' jewel thief escapes Swiss jail in armed prison break

Milan Poparic, 34, broke out of a prison in Orbe with 53-year-old fellow inmate and serial criminal Adrian Albrecht. Albrecht reportedly escaped from the same prison once before, in 1992.

Murdered child's photo used to promote daycare center

In a statement, the event's organizers apologized for what they called a "regrettable mistake" caused by a young graphic designer who used the photo of Grégory without knowing its significance.
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