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Swiss woman kidnapped in Yemen

The Swiss Foreign Office said a Swiss government crisis team has begun working on securing the woman’s release.

PHOTOS: Belgium grieves after bus crash kills 28, including schoolchildren

The party was on its way back from a skiing holiday when the coach collided head-on with the wall of a tunnel near Sierre, in southern Switzerland.

Swiss law seeks to stem US tax evaders

Switzerland’s lower house have passed an amendment Monday to a taxation agreement with the US, settling an ongoing dispute over tax evaders.

David Higgs, former Credit Suisse director, pleads guilty to charges of conspiracy, fraud

David Higgs, a former London-based Credit Suisse managing director, has plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to falsify books and records, as well as committing wire fraud.

Euro woes dominate annual Davos conference in Swiss Alps

In an age of austerity, some question the relevance of the annual Alpine talking shop for the rich and powerful.

Head of Swiss central bank resigns

Philipp Hildebrand was a highly regarded central banker, until allegations surfaced that his wife played the currency markets
Philipp Hildebrand, former chairman of the Swiss National Bank, at a press conference last week in Zurich. He suddenly resigned today as further allegations arose about improper currency dealings by his family. (FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Caesar's wife is supposed to be chaste, and clearly so is the wife of the chairman of the Swiss National Bank, the nation's central bank.

Back in the summer, when the Swiss franc was super strong against the dollar, Philipp Hildebrand's wife Kashya, bought $504,000 with Swiss francs.

A few weeks later the SNB, headed by Hildebrand, intervened to weaken the currency by cutting interest rates to zero. In early October, the family used the dollars it had purchased in the summer to buy the now cheaper francs and complete the purchase of a home. In the month and a half they held dollars they made a tidy profit.  The Guardian puts the figure at $80,000.


Swiss central bank chairman resigns

Hildebrand has been accused of speculating on currency transactions only weeks before his central bank capped the Swiss Franc, shifting prices in his favor. 

Switzerland upholds ban on nude hiking

Switzerland's top court has upheld one town's ban on nude hiking, after a naked rambler appealed for the right to roam free.
Naked hiking switzerland ban 11 18 2011Enlarge
Bracing: naked hiking is an increasingly popular outdoor pursuit in Switzerland, for those who don't mind the odd fine... or the cold. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The Swiss federal court rejected the man's appeal, ruling that hiking in the nude qualified as public indecency, reported the BBC.

The rambler had appealed to the court to overturn a 100-franc ($109) fine he received in October 2009, after practicing his hobby in Appenzell-Ausserrhoden canton in eastern Switzerland.

A woman complained to police about the sight of a naked man wandering past a family picnic area, said The Local. The citizens of the conservative canton, "tired of seeing people walking naked in their mountains," had voted earlier that year to outlaw the practice.

But the man refused to pay the fine, leading to a series of legal wrangles over whether the canton's authorities had to right to ban nude walking.


In Swiss election, more moderate parties win votes

The Swiss people voted for moderate candidates in Sunday's parliamentary elections, rejecting the far-right Swiss People's Party's nationalistic anti-immigration campaign.
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